About Us

WorthPoint.com was founded in the United States in 2007 by Will Seippel. Will has been an active collector of antiques for most of his adult life and his deep appreciation of this area led him to envision a global online community.

In 2011, the UK Team (WorthPoint Ireland Ltd) was established and WorthPoint.co.uk was born with our own local team of expert Worthologists. The Worthopedia – our central library of the world’s information on collectibles – now includes a wealth of knowledge on prices, descriptions, pictures and sales dates of over 100 million items sold at UK auction houses.

WorthPoint brings you market data on antiques and collectibles along with experts who can guide you with opinions and appraisals. We combine this service with all the latest industry news and information within a vibrant, online community – a place for connection, interaction, and knowledge sharing – centred on the value of your collectibles and the stories that make them special for you.